iSkedz Preview

What is is a new web application offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) to organizations that operate event venues with multiple types of events that may or may not require registration by attendees.  As examples, a health club that schedules various group exercise classes; a convention center that schedules meeting rooms for its customer organizations; a community theater that schedules both plays and acting classes.  iSkedz will provide a means to:

  • schedule events
  • advertise it on the web and mobile device apps
  • display events on monitors using a display feed
  • take registrations for events
  • notify registrants of event changes through e-mail and mobile device alerts

This is the flip side of most event registration services which are focused on solely on the event organizers and not the venue.  iSkedz is for those event venues that are the organizers of events or offer event publicity services.

How is it being built?

iSkedz is a web application.  This means the software resides on internet web servers making it accessible to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser.  To assure the best possible performance in scaling for demand and in reliability, the application will primarily be based on Microsoft's cloud platform, Azure.  Azure offers almost effortless manageability for deploying and scaling web applications and extensive services for e-mail, messaging, data storage, and security.  Some information, such as venue customer account and billing information will reside on a local system behind a secure firewall.  The inital release of iSkedz will utilize HTML5 and JavaScript to offer mobile device friendly views to those seeking information about events and also registration for events.  Dedicated applications for popular  Dedicated applications for popular mobile device platforms are envisioned for future releases.

When will it be available?

The application is currently under construction.  If you try to navigate to at present it will send you to this website.  A preview release to targeted to potential customers and partners will be released in the next few months.  The inital full release for customers in the United States is planned for early 2015.

How can I get more information and receive updates?

Join the iSkedz mailing list to receive updated information on the progress of this project.  As the project progresses, additional information will be added to this site including screenshots.  Additionally, this website hosts the blog, Two Cats and a Programmer, which will journal much of the development process from a technical standpoint.